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10 Moments When Sheikh Hamdan Showed His Love For Animals

Our very own Crown Prince, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum is an ardent animal lover and every time he shares a photo or a video with his furry friends, it’s bound to go viral. We take a look at our ten favourite moments when Sheikh Hamdan has shown his love for animals.

The last ‘swimming elephant’

While on vacation in India, Fazza swam with the then-64-year-old Rajan, known as ‘the last swimming elephant’. He says, “It was such an unusual, yet incredible feeling to be diving underwater next to an elephant. Who would have ever guessed that an elephant can dive using its trunk as a snorkel, while enjoying the deep waters of the ocean.“

Saving a trapped fish

The Crown Prince helped open a trap at the bottom of the see and freed a fish, who showed his affection after being rescued. Check it out:

Helping trim a giraffe’s hooves

When giraffe’s hooves grow long, they tend to sink in the sand quickly, making it tough for giraffes to walk. Seeing a giraffe walk slowly in the desert, Fazza’s team helped sedate the creature by launching a tranquilizer dart and trimming the hooves.

Love for horses

If you regularly follow Fazza’s Instagram, you’ve probably noticed he posts more images of horses than any other animal. Be it riding them or walking them around, his love for horses is unrivaled.

fazza animals love

Saving an oryx

Seeing an oryx run tiredly as a net covered his eyes, Sheikh Hamdan fired a tranquilizer dart to immobilize the animal. He then cut the nets entangled on its horns and injected him with what seems to be an antidote. Eventually, the oryx got up and headed back to its herd.

Cuddling with Moochi

Last March, Fazza introduced his new pet lion, Moochi. He’s shown feeding the magnificent beast, patting his head and stroking the lion as he falls asleep. In fact, the white lion is a rare breed, with 11 of its kind in the wild in 2018.

Swimming with a sharks

Perhaps the most adrenaline-filled video we’ve seen of Fazza, is when he swam with a huge shark in the Norwegian Sea. Take a look:

Introducing ‘Tiny’

Last February, the pet-loving Crown Prince shared an image of his pal, Mohammed bin Ahmed Jaber Al Harbi, aka Maj holding his new furry friend, Tiny. By the looks, we think it’s a Central Asian Shepherd. In another video posted on his Instagram stories, Fazza was shown playing with the dog and stroking his belly.

Bird sitting

Two feathered friends flew around Sheikh Hamdan and one hilariously landed on his the Crown Prince’s head.

Rescuing an Arabian Gazelle

Seeing an Arabian Gazelle with its horns and feet tangled in a rope, Sheikh Hamdan and his friends rushed to rescue the animal, cutting the animal free and rehydrating him.

What is your favourite moment?