Record rains boost UAE's water table
Record rains boost UAE's water table

14,400 swimming pools of rain fell in the UAE last week!

More than 36 million cubic metres of rain fell last week in the UAE, the most rainfall in the nation for over 45 years.

Record rains a vital boost to the UAE’s water reserves

The record-breaking rain over the past week might have caused chaos in the UAE. Flights were cancelled, schools were forced to close and it caused dozens of crashes on the roads. Oh, and there were snowmen spotted in Dubai!

But there was at least one positive effect apart from it being nice weather for ducks (and canoeing in Dubai!).

In total, over 36 million cubic metres of water fell across the UAE, with 1.3 million cubic metres of water drained from Dubai’s streets. That’s the equivalent to a massive 14,400 swimming pools full of rain. Wow!

And that water has largely gone into the UAE’s water reserves thanks to a network of more than 140 dams and reservoirs.

Record rainfall in Dubai has been replenishing the UAE's water table

According to the Ministry of Energy and Industry, dams in the northern region collected the most water. That was largely thanks to the Wadi Al Beeh dam in Ras Al Khaimah. It collected an incredible 8,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools of water.

As well as collecting water in reservoirs, the rainfall topped up the UAE’s underground reserves. Which is all good news for the UAE Water Security Strategy 2036 which aims to ensure sustainable water reserves for the UAE. The strategy also aims to reduce the total demand for water by 21%.