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A bus from Our Own English High School Al Warqa’a crashed into a water tanker this morning in Dubai and 16 casualties were reported, including students and staff.

Dubai school bus crashes into water tanker

The crash happened at 7 am this morning, the bus collided into a water tanker at the Business Bay bridge heading towards Al Rebbat road.

Editor’s note: Viewer discretion is advised.

16 injured post-crash

A rep from the school says the bus conductor, driver, attendant and 13 students sustained minor injuries after the accident. They were rushed to Rashid Hospital while the rest of the pupils from the bus are getting checked by the school doctor.

School bus crash Dubai Our Own English High School Al Warqa'a Business Bay 16 Injured

“All students are safe, however, a small number of students and staff sustained minor injuries and have been taken to the hospital where they are being treated. All other students who were involved have been taken back to school and have been given a thorough check-up by the school doctor.”

Our English High School Al Warqa’a spokesperson

Recently a school bus caught fire in Sharjah

Last week saw a massive fire break out on a bus in Kalba, Sharjah. The driver and a 14-year-old pupil evacuated all the students from the vehicle and no casualties were reported.

Sheikh Mohammed Kalba bus hero

The 14-year-old’s heroic act caught the attention of UAE’s Vice President and Prime Minister, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed. He made a visit to his school to meet the young hero.

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