Selfie death
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16 Year Old Girl Falls To Death While Taking Selfie

On Saturday 26th October, a 16 year old Afghan girl was killed when she fell from the balcony of a high rise apartment block whilst trying to take a selfie.

Sister looked on in horror as the tragedy occured

The sister of the victim had been looking toward her sister as she tried to take the tragic selfie. She reportedly told police that her sibling had been standing on a chair whilst trying to take the photo but lost her balance and tumbled over the edge of the 17th floor balcony. The building where the family lives is on Sheikh Zayed Road with views of the Burj Khalifa in the background, making it an appealing spot to take a selfie.

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Reports have stated that the parents of the teenager are distraught and have so far declined to speak publicly about the incident. Visitors have been seen paying their respects to the family.

Selfie related deaths are becoming more common

Tragedies like this have been on the rise since the age of the smartphone, with a number of deaths reported worldwide that involve taking selfies or videos for social media. Some causes of death range from drowning, driving accidents and even being struck by lightning whilst taking a selfie. In most cases, victims do not consider that they are risking their lives, whereas others go out of their way to purposely capture life-threatening shots.

Seflie whilst driving

Russian model, Viki Odintcova came under criticism when she uploaded this daredevil video which saw her dangling from a Dubai Marina building in an attempt to get some Instagrammable footage.

This Insta-couple have come under fire too in the past for their risky photos but continue to keep on snapping dangerous shots for their followers.

It seems that social media influencers don’t always give much thought to how they influence their followers, leaving some young people feeling the pressure to get the perfect selfie even in dangerous situations.

This list of selfie related deaths shows 316 separate incidents where one or more people died whilst taking photos. The most recent prior to the death of the 16 year old in Dubai happened earlier in October 2019 in India. Four people died after falling from a dam during a wedding photo.