5 Coronavirus films you must watch Dubai
5 Coronavirus films you must watch Dubai

5 end-of-the-world movies you should be watching in Dubai now

With the world in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s no surprise that people in Dubai are turning to the movies for comfort.

And, interestingly, they’re turning to disaster and pandemic films in record numbers.

So, as we’re all working from home, we thought we’d round up our favourite end-of-the-world films.


One of the most-watched films of the year so far is Contagion, originally released back in 2011. You could say (sorry!) that the film has gone viral.

And let’s be honest, people aren’t watching it for Gwyneth Paltrow’s phoned-in performance. No, they’re watching it as the film most closely mirrors the current deadly global pandemic. Although, the disease in the film is half flu and half brain inflammation, so there’s that good news.


Outbreak goes even further back in time to 1995. A time before HD and when Dustin Hoffman was still a lead man and Kevin Spacey was allowed near people.

The film was based on a non-fiction book that explored the monkeys passing on a deadly virus.

28 Days Later

Part zombie flick, part virus-gone-very-very-wrong, 28 Days Later is still a groundbreaking film 18 years after its release.

Filmed by Danny Boyle, it made zombies truly terrifying creatures with Usain Bolt speed and determination. And a hunger for brains. Hmmm. It also has a brutally stark soundtrack and a happy(ish) ending.

Ironically, you’d probably be in a good position to shoot a zombie/post-apocalyptic movie now as all the major cities are shut down. Maybe a business idea there guys?

World War Z

One of the most recent end-of-days films, World War Z was another take on the zombie/virus theme. And starring Brad Pitt, it was a big box-office hit.

The zombie horde is caused by a virus. Which could also be said of panic buyers across the world.

Shaun of the Dead

It can’t all be doom and gloom in the world – after all, you can always rely on Dubailad for all your memes and funny videos. And there’s always Shaun of the Dead to lighten up the zombie mood. So make this one of your five movies a day when you’re self-isolating in Dubai.

The Simon Pegg classic put a laugh-out-loud slant on zombies. And launched the first in a trilogy of movies that helped propel him into Hollywood. Where he’s not done badly for himself, with roles in Star Wars, Star Trek and Mission Impossible.

And it’s directed by Edgar Wright, who went on to create Baby Driver, a truly brilliant film that you should watch anyway.

Oh, and this weekend is the perfect weekend to binge-watch these films. Not only are we locked down due to the Coronavirus, but there’s a storm coming. Sorry!