Check out 50 Cent's incredible Dubai hotel suite
Check out 50 Cent's incredible Dubai hotel suite

50 Cent’s Dubai hotel suite lives up to expectations

Rapper 50 Cent has been in Dubai for a while now on business and we’ve got a sneak peek into his $40,000 a night hotel suite. And it’s ludicrously ludicrous.

50 Cent is staying at the Palazzo Versace Hotel Dubai and has the Imperial Suite.

Spread over two levels, the 22,000 square foot duplex is quite simply stunning. And lavish. And all the other fancy adjectives.

The lower floor is all about having fun with a dining room, living room, majlis, library and billiards room.

Upstairs, meanwhile, you’ll find two bedrooms, a sauna, gym and outdoor pool overlooking Dubai. And, of course, the entire suite is littered with Versace furniture, marble tiling and a grand white marble spiral staircase.


Fiddy is in good company staying at the hotel suite, with past guests including Jennifer Lopez, Jason Derulo and Akon.

50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, has turned into a major player in the film and TV world and was also spending time in the city with Netflix’s ‘365 Days’ star Michele Morrone.

Attack of the giant gold tiger!

Staying in the entertainment world, two huge statues of a gold gorilla and tiger were seen flying through the city last week by a fleet of helicopters.

And while King Kong taking over Dubai would totally have fitted into 2020’s script so far, the ape and the tiger were actually destined for the Wane by SoMiya pool club and lounge at the Address Dubai Marina hotel.

Unsurprisingly, videos of the giant tiger and gold gorilla flying through Dubai’s skyscrapers went viral.







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