Public sector employees

50,000 blue-collar workers in the UAE to be screened for Coronavirus in a month

Two healthcare providers are working together to provide 50,000 Coronavirus tests for blue-collar workers in the UAE within the next month.

Right Health and Al Futtaim Health Hub are working together to screen more than 50,000 labourers at camps across the country.

While many of the UAE will be able to get to drive-through centres that are appearing across the country, that’s less of an option for those in labour camps.

Dr Haider Al Yousuf, Managing Director of Al-Futtaim Health said: “We are glad to join hands with Right Health to roll out this initiative aimed at covering the blue-collar workforce in the UAE. This partnership will focus on the early identification of infection, isolation and contact tracing to flatten the curve and reduce the rate of infection.”

To date, the teams have screened over 10,000 blue-collar workers and run more than 500 tests for Coronavirus. The costs of testing and screening are being covered by the workers’ companies.

Jayan Krishna Pillai, CEO of Right Health, said: “This screening and testing is very important. Nearly 70 per cent of the UAE expatriate population resides in these labour clusters where there are nearly eight-10 people in a room.”

Rising awareness

And while there’s a drive to get out and test workers, there’s also increased awareness. Clinics near labour accommodation have been treating more than 4,000 workers each day, a rise of 30%.

Dubai Police have also got involved. They’ve been distributing sanitisers, cleaners and food baskets to labourers across Dubai.

Brigadier Mohammad Al Murr, Director of Human Right Department at Dubai Police, said they launched an awareness campaign for labourers at Al Muhaisnah, Al Quoz Industrial, Hebel Ali Industrial and Dubai Investment Park areas.

“We are looking to reach larger groups of labourers who are an important section of the population in the emirate. We educate them on how to take precautionary measures against the virus. And provide them with sanitisers and tell them about the needs to stay clean and healthy,” Brig Al Murr said.

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