80% of people in Dubai want to continue working from home
80% of people in Dubai want to continue working from home

80% of Dubai employees want to continue to work from home

There have been some seismic changes to our everyday life in 2020 but one of the biggest has to be the work from home revolution in Dubai.

And according to a survey in Dubai, 80% of people want to continue working from home. And they have some very good reasons including saving a lot of time and money on their daily commute.

The survey by global staffing company Robert Half also found that around half of respondents got more work done at home. 70% want a staggered return to work and nearly six out of 10 people want a revised office layout to increase their safety.

Long term effects

The survey also asked how respondents had been effected during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Two-thirds replied that their long term career prospects remained the same while just over half have fears about their current job in the short-term.

And that’s backed up by reports that 200 million people will lose their jobs globally, with 4.5 million expat workers expected to leave the Gulf region in 2020.

In better news, however, workers and staff are both looking to schedule fewer meetings.

“While no-one knows precisely what the post-pandemic future will bring, the silver lining is that we’re all discovering new ways of working together,” said El Mettouri.

Which means less time spent waiting for late people at meetings and long meetings that could have been dealt with in an email.

If you are going to work from home in Dubai, however, you might want to keep an eye out for these cannibal rats which are on the rise!