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A Dubai Thief Ended Up In The Worst Place You Could Imagine!

Just like any other day, it was business as usual for a shop in Deira until an ordinary person attempted a theft and his escape went as far as to a place that’s gonna leave you amused!

Robber ended up in a sewage hole

For reals! The robber, identified as a 24-years old Pakistani national according to Gulf News, showed up to the shop wearing a black mask and stole chequebooks (but why?!) and as he was spotted by a security guard, it seems he was left with no choice but to exit through a window. Big-ups to him for having the guts to jump from the window, but the jump landed him into an open sewage hole.

Gif credit: Giphy

Sewage didn’t stop his attempted theft yet

Surprisingly, the thief had a team to pull him out of the hole and to counter-attack the guard and an office employee. Also, the office employee was shocked to see the thief was an ex-employee of the company, who worked as a driver when his mask fell off as he landed into the hole. They assaulted both the guard and the staff employee until Dubai Police were contacted.

Photograph credit: Flickr

Damages caused were worth Dhs 4,000

Dubai Police caught hold of the thief and has arrested him. The Public Prosecution is charging the 24-year old for assaulting a policeman and have accused him of the damages, totalling up to Dhs 4,000 and for beating up the security guard and the staff employee. Charges will be announced after a ruling by the end of this month.