Photograph credit: Viraj Asher/DubaiLAD and Envato Elements

A Dubai Worker is Accused of Stabbing his Colleague

A 32 year old Egyptian man has claimed to be the victim of a stabbing which happened when a colleague attacked him at his desk. The accused man is now on trial for attempted murder.

An unprovoked attack

The office worker said that he had been sitting at his desk at around 8pm when his Filipino co-worker approached him. He claims to have been on the phone to a client when his colleague appeared at his desk, giving him a smile before proceeding to stab him three times. After reportedly stabbing the victim in the neck, back and shoulder, the 41 year old attacker attempted to stab him for a fourth time. At this point, the wounded worker was on the floor and was saved from further injuries when other colleagues restrained his attacker.

Police track down the perpetrator

The Filipino man managed to flee the scene of the crime while the victim was attended to and rushed to hospital. However, the police tracked him down two days later and arrested him.

The stabbed man was treated for serious injuries which could have been life threatening if left untreated for any longer. The weapon used during the stabbing has not been confirmed.

When speaking about the incident, the Egyptian national commented that he had no idea of the reason behind the violent outburst and that there were no problems between he and the colleague in question. A motive has still not been identified.

At this point, the defendant stands accused of attempted murder by the court. He currently denies the charges and will present his defence on 20th October. In the meantime, court has been adjourned and he remains in custody.

Last year there was a case of murder in the workplace when an employee killed his boss. The motive was over a pay increase row.