Photograph credit: Publique

A ‘Friends’ Themed Quiz Night Is Coming To This Madinat Jumeirah Spot

A quiz night dedicated to the iconic TV show, ‘Friends’ is going down at Madinat Jumeirah’s Publique on Wednesday, 3rd July.

The one with the ‘Friends’ quiz night!

So no one told you quiz nights were gonna’ be this way *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap.* Madinat Jumeirah’s casual spot, Publique will play host to a ‘Friends’ quiz night every week from Wednesday, 3rd July, and the quiz promises to be loaded with questions only the die-hard fans will be able to answer, perhaps more competitive than Ross and Monica in rugby.

Prizes are up for grabs too. You may want to run a marathon this weekend to prepare for the quiz. Don’t get ‘bamboozled!’

Free entry

Patrons and ‘Friends’ fans can enter for free. However, there’s a minimum spend of Dhs 100 on food and drinks.

Publique will be serving a two-hour-long ‘drunch’ package too for Dhs 199, as well as a burger and pizza package for Dhs 99. 

Dress-up encouraged too

Publique will be on the search for the best-dressed patron. It goes without saying the outfit has to be inspired by a ‘Friends’ character. The best-dressed patron will be rewarded with complimentary drinks on the house!

Do you know there’s a Central Perk-inspired café in Dubai? 

Last January, ‘Cross Cultural Perks’ opened its doors at Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa. The café takes inspiration from ‘Central Perk’, featuring interiors, décor, lightning and an ambience inspired by the popular fictional café. Don’t expect Gunther to take your order!

Photograph credit: Cross Cultural Perks

Check out this Arabic version of ‘Friends’ intro

There’s an entire generation who grew up following the ‘90s sitcom, including the Arab world. Last February, a die-hard Arab fan took his fandom one notch further by creating an Arabic version of ‘Friends’ intro. Check it out: