Dubai meteor shower
Dubai meteor shower

A huge meteor shower is going to light up the Dubai skies tonight!

Fireballs shooting across the night sky is so on-trend for 2020 that it hurts – but tonight’s meteor shower above Dubai will be spectacular and totally harmless. So make sure to tune in.

The meteors are part of the Lyrids and have been firing across the world’s skies for the past two nights. And NASA predicts the best time to see the meteor shower is from 10 pm onwards tonight and into Thursday morning.

And with clear skies predicted, you could see up to 15 fireballs cascade across the sky. So find a rooftop/balcony/slice of open sky and watch the meteor shower in Dubai. This is the best free entertainment we’re going to get for a while!

Here’s what happened last night in Scotland thanks to this amazing time-lapse video. We’d love to see something similar in Dubai, so make sure to tag us in your videos!

What are the Lyrids

The Lyrids are pieces of space debris that originate from the comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher. They are one of the oldest known meteor showers, having been observed for over 2,700 years. Their radiant, or point in the sky from which they appear and where they get their name, is in the constellation Lyra.

So now you know!

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