Abu Dhabi tailgating

Abu Dhabi cracks down on tailgating with new smart camera system

Abu Dhabi police have announced that a new tailgating camera system will be in place and operating on their roads from Wednesday January 15.

When: January 7, 2020

In a further bid to make our roads safer, Abu Dhabi police have unveiled a new smart camera system designed to catch tailgating drivers.

Drivers first warned and then given AED400 fine and four black points

In the video, the police have confirmed that drivers who did not leave a safe distance to the car in front would be sent a warning text message. If they’re caught again, the driver will be given an AED400 fine and four black points on their license.

Tailgating is one of the main causes of death on our roads. And anyone who’s been subjected to it will know just how scary and intimidating it can be.

“Tailgating can lead to fatal traffic accidents and the smart system, along with the awareness campaigns, will help curb this negative behaviour.” Brig Gen Mohammed Al Humairi, director of the traffic and patrols directorate at Abu Dhabi Police, said on Monday.

The scheme was launched in 2015, but it’s taken several years to implement the smart cameras and calibrate the system. Let’s just hope if you are caught, then your car isn’t filthy. Otherwise, it could spell double trouble after this dirty car law was introduced last summer.

Tailgating in space?

We’re not sure if the system will be able to back-date points and fines? If so, it could be worth looking at Elon Musk who was ‘caught’ tailgating recently…