Abu Dhabi drivers can be fined AED400 for not using indicators

Abu Dhabi drivers can be fined AED400 for not using indicators

Abu Dhabi Police have reminded drivers in the region that they’ll be fined AED400 if they’re caught not properly using their indicators.

The indicators need to be used properly before changing lanes, turning or changing direction on the roads.

Not signalling properly is one of the leading causes of traffic deaths. But the UAE has a particularly bad problem with drivers failing to use their indicators. And it’s the cause of up to 20% of road traffic deaths in the UAE. Abu Dhabi Police put together the video below to illustrate the problem with drivers not using their indicators.

AED500 fine for balcony ‘misuse’

In other UAE news, property developer Nakheel has announced it will start fining residents AED500 if they’re caught ‘misusing’ their balcony.

“Airing laundry in the balcony or hanging them from a window or railing, distorts the image of the building and is not permitted” read the notice released yesterday across Dubai.

Nakheel also said that balconies should not be used to store ‘furniture, mops, flammable liquids, toys or other items. Only outdoor furniture is allowed in balconies.”

The notice also asked that residents not feed birds as “this creates a nuisance and mess due to droppings. Cigarette ashes and butts pose a serious fire hazard and should not be thrown from balconies or windows.”

Installing satellite dishes ‘or any other type of antennae’ is also considered illegal under the new rulings.

Nakheel also warned residents that any balcony extensions or alterations could fetch a penalty of AED2,000 as well.