Face recognition Abu Dhabi
Face recognition Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi patrol cars now have face recognition software

Your face might well be your fortune, but thanks to the new face recognition scanners installed on Abu Dhabi Police cars, it could also get you locked up if you’re on their wanted list.

The new smart patrol system in Abu Dhabi will be capable of live face recognition. And thanks to their hi-tech link with central operations, officers can quickly check for a match with any wanted criminals.

The smart bar is located at the top of the police cars, with the Abu Dhabi police force updating their vehicles over the next few months.

The smart bar isn’t just capable of spotting the bad guys, however.

“Apart from the face recognition system, the smart bar can detect plate numbers of wanted cars,” said a Police spokesperson.

“There are surveillance cameras, which can also detect speeding vehicles and track other traffic violations.”

The news is just the latest hi-tech advantage the police have now. Dubai now has a series of radars that can catch drivers using their phones or not wearing a seatbelt.