Police cut traffic fines by 50 per cent for five days
Photograph credit: Viraj Asher/DubaiLAD

Abu Dhabi Police Rolls Out Discounts For Traffic Fines

Just in time for the new year, Abu Dhabi Police is helping motorists end 2019 on a good note by introducing discounts on fines, and cancellations on impounds and black points.

Discounts on traffic fines by Abu Dhabi Police

Careless driving certainly comes at a cost in the UAE. But offenders have been given a chance to reduce their fines thanks to Abu Dhabi Police. Those who’ve received a traffic fine or speeding ticket can avail 50% off in the capital. The markdown is available only for three months and on fines before 22nd December 2019. However, tickets with “serious violations.” are excluded

35% off on fines paid within 60 days

Along with the 50% off, Abu Dhabi Police also introduced a new rule offering a 35% discount on traffic fines for motorists who pay within two months, effective from 22nd December 2019 onwards.

Those who pay within a year of the fine can avail 25% off.

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Cancellations on impounds and black points

Motorists with fines can also have their driving license black points and vehicle impounds waived off.

Usually, a motorist’s license is subject to suspension and vehicle confiscation if they exceed 24 black points.

Got a fine in Dubai? There are discounts available too

Meanwhile, Dubai Police is in the third phase of its discount scheme, offering variable reductions to motorists depending on the date of their traffic fine.

Earlier this year, Dubai Police announced an initiative where car owners and drivers could have their fines waived off entirely if the violations were committed before February 2019. The amount gets discounted by 25% every three months providing they don’t get another ticket, leading to a 100% reduction by the end of 12 months.