Abu Dhabi Drugs Truck 450kg Heroin Crystal Meth
Photograph credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi Police Seize 450kg Of Drugs Hidden Inside A Truck

A 14-member-gang has been arrested by Abu Dhabi Police for being involved in a drug heist. The Asian criminals were caught smuggling 450kgs of heroin and crystal meth hidden inside a truck.

Drug promoter and supplier caught with drugs

Abu Dhabi Police force deployed counter-surveillance teams to monitor a suspected drug dealer for a week. They found that he was operating in multiple locations within Abu Dhabi but was using suppliers based in other emirates. He was eventually arrested along with another man with 5kg of cystal meth and heroine in their possession.

450kgs of drugs hidden in a truck

The police had been told that the man worked for an organised gang based outside of the UAE who smuggled the drugs into the country and promoted them in range of locations. Once Abu Dhabi Police had clear site on the gang’s operations, they began devising tactics for a sting. Thanks to their anti-narcorics team, they were able to arrest those involved and seize the heroin and crystal meth which had been hidden inside parts of a truck.

The police arrested 11 men who were found with 189kg of narcotics before the main dealer delivered to the gang another 261kg of drugs for promotion.

Colonel Taher Ghareeb Al Dhaheri, director of the anti-narcotics department at Abu Dhabi Police.

One of UAE’s biggest drug seizures

This year saw a slew of drug seizures by police forces in the UAE. Last June, Abu Dhabi Police caught 12 criminals linked to a heist including 423 kgs of heroin and crystal meth, and half-a-million captagon pills stored in car parts, while Dubai Police seized 365kg of drugs, worth a whopping AED 278 million in May. There were more cases of drugs being found in the UAE, including a ship’s fuel tank, in cakes and biscuits, and a group growing cannabis plants in Al Ain.

Abu Dhabi Drugs Truck 450kg Heroin Crystal Meth

Photograph credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Zero tolerance for drug trafficking

There’s zero tolerance for violators found dealing with narcotics in the UAE. The import, export, possession or storage of drugs can lead to a four-year prison sentence, and a hefty fine of up to AED 50,000. You can learn more about the rules and regulations here.