Fake ink fraud in Abu Dhabi
Fake ink fraud in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi police warn of fraudsters using ‘magic ink’ to fake cheques

Abu Dhabi Police have warned residents to be on the look out for fraudsters using ‘magic ink’ to write fake cheques after several reports of it being used.

While magic ink might be something more associated with kids pranks or Harry Potter, it’s also a real trick used by real con men here in the UAE.

And as this video below from Abu Dhabi Police reveals, the magic ink fraud trick cost one user AED38,000.

The signature initially appears fine, clearly written and legible. But as it dries, it starts to disappear, leaving the impression it’s been unsigned.

The con man was offering a fake loan for which he needed a security deposit. The victim then used the bank’s pen loaded with fake ink that would disappear.

The scammers then write in their own details and walk away with the cash. Which in this instance was AED38,000.

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