Abu Dhabi toll gate October Salik
Photograph credit: Department of Transportation

Abu Dhabi Rolling Out Four New Toll Gates This October

The Department of Transport (DOT) in Abu Dhabi is rolling out four new toll gates operational from Tuesday, 15th October.

Four new toll gates in Abu Dhabi this October

DOT is building toll gates at four key bridges: Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Bridge, Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Mussafah Bridge and Al Maqta Bridge. An online registration system begins on 30th August, and car-owners can register their vehicles for free.

Abu Dhabi toll gate October Salik

Photograph credit: Visit Abu Dhabi

Here’s how the toll gate system works

The toll system operates 24/7 daily through the week. Every pass during peak hours (7 am – 9 am and 5 pm – 7 pm), from Saturday to Thursday costs Dhs 4. Fridays, public holidays and during non-peak hours costs Dhs 2. The daily maximum fee is Dhs 16 per vehicle.

Huge fines for non-registered cars

There’s a ten-day grace period for unregistered cars. After which, a Dhs 100 fine will be imposed for the first day, a Dhs 200 fine for the second day and a Dhs 400 fine for the third day. The fine can lead to a whopping maximum of Dhs 10,000.

Also, registered cars with insufficient balance will be fined Dhs 50 per day after a ten-day grace period.

Select vehicles exempt from toll

Vehicles like ambulances, public buses, motorcycles, licensed taxis, authorized school buses, passenger buses carrying at least 26 passengers, police and Ministry of Interior vehicles, electric vehicles and trailers are exempt from the toll gate charges.

Abu Dhabi toll gate October Salik

Photograph credit: Department of Transport

Driving in Abu Dhabi Daily could cost you an extra Dhs 5,840 every year

So, if you cross all the four bridges daily, it could cost you an additional Dhs 5,840 once the toll gate system is operational.

Abu Dhabi toll gate October Salik

Photograph credit: Department of Transport

Salik in Dubai

Dubai’s Roads & Transport Authority first introduced the electronic toll gate system, Salik, in the UAE. There are seven toll gates across the city: Al Garhoud, Al Barsha, Al Maktoum Bridge, Al Safa, Airport Tunnel, Al Mamzar South and Jebel Ali.

Driving straight from Dubai to Abu Dhabi could cost you up to Dhs 28

If you start from Al Mamzar in Dubai, you’d be crossing up to seven tolls driving straight to Abu Dhabi. The charge can be lesser based on the time of the day and during non-peak-hours traffic.