Abu Dhabi Cleaner Dancing Viral Video Street

Abu Dhabi Street Cleaner Becomes Internet Sensation After Dancing On The Streets

An Abu Dhabi cleaner is getting everyone’s attention after busting a few dance moves caught in a viral video.

Abu Dhabi cleaner dancing on the streets

Sometimes you just have to dance like no one is watching, and that’s what this cleaner from Africa was caught doing in a viral video.

Despite the scorching summer heat, it didn’t stop him from getting his groove on. His dance moves turned him into an overnight star with thousands of likes and shares. Check it out:

“He brings a cool wave”

Judging by the video, it was bound to go viral. The video is being received with loads of heartwarming comments about the cleaner. One social media user says, “He enjoys work and that positive attitude is commendable in this summer. He brings a cool wave.”

Abu Dhabi Cleaner Dancing Viral Video Street

“Their spirit is fun”

Another user says, “Despite the poverty and harsh life of Africans, their spirit is fun, loving life, dancing and music.”

What’s your favourite dance move?