AC turned off for all residents in JLT high-rise over unpaid fees

AC turned off for all residents in JLT high-rise over unpaid fees

Residents at the Preatoni Tower in JLT are feeling the summer heat as their AC has been turned off after a row over unpaid fees.

Incredibly, the arguments have been going on for months leaving tenants and owners with no AC. Fine for winter months, but with temperatures nudging 40, residents are warning that this could be very dangerous.

Building management have said tenants would not get cooling services until all the service fees were paid.

Landlords have had to step in and provide portable AC units or fans until the situation is resolved.

But one landlord who is up to date with his payments has urged the building’s management team to sort the issue.

“Considering that we are approaching the summer months and the temperature already hitting 35-40 degrees outside, it’s not a matter of money anymore, it’s a matter of health and safety,” Alex Nikolenko, a 36-year-old Russian told The National.

Another tenant says she’s been without AC since moving into her JLT apartment last October.

“I am going to have consider moving if this continues. It’s just ridiculous,” said Amabel Joy Marasigan. “We were told by building management it was going to be fixed soon, but we are still without it.”

A spokesman for Stratum, the building’s owners’ association management company, said the issue was in the hands of the owners and they needed to pay their outstanding bills.

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