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AED 500 Fine For Misusing Hazard Lights During Fog

With temperatures getting lower and fog rolling in across the country, Abu Dhabi Police warns drivers not use hazard lights “unnecessarily” during foggy conditions on the roads.

Dhs 500 fine and four black points for misusing hazard lights during fog

Drivers using hazard lights during foggy weather conditions could risk receiving a Dhs 500 fine and four black points. Abu Dhabi Police issued the warning this week, which reads “Unnecessarily using the hazard lights while driving in foggy conditions can distract other motorists and lead to dangerous accidents.”

Hazard lights used in specific situations

Followed by the warning, Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters issued four guidelines for using hazard lights. They must be used “upon a compelled stopping of the vehicle on the road,” “to warn drivers of other road dangers,” “upon stopping on the right or left of the road” and “in case of a traffic accident.”

Safety instructions issued during fog

Planning a road trip soon this winter? You may want to follow Abu Dhabi Police’s instructions to stay safe while on the freeway. Drivers are advised to “use low beam headlights,” “abide by lane discipline,” “avoid overtaking other vehicles, “stop your vehicle at the nearest safe area” when visibility is reduced and to “park away as far away as possible from the road and your hazard lights on.”