AED 50,000 fine for jumping red light in Abu Dhabi
AED 50,000 fine for jumping red light in Abu Dhabi

AED 50,000 fine for jumping red light in Abu Dhabi

Drivers caught running a red light in Abu Dhabi will get you a fine of AED50,000 and have their driving license confiscated, police in Abu Dhabi confirmed.

Drivers who run a red light will have to pay penalties of AED51,000 and lose their license for six months. The penalties were increased in Law 5 of 2020 on Impoundment of Vehicles in the Abu Dhabi Emirate.

Once the car is impounded, drivers have to pay the fine before they can have it back. If it’s not retrieved within three months, the car will then be auctioned.

Other violations that carry a fine of AED50,000 including damaging a police vehicle, road racing, driving without valid license plates and driving recklessly to endanger other drivers.

UAE to open first 4×4 off-road and adventure park

One place where you do have a bit more freedom is the XQuarry Adventure park. The first 4×4 adventure park in the UAE will feature off-road obstacles, mountain bike trails and more.

The huge XQuarry adventure park covers almost one million square metres and includes everything from 4×4 tracks to circuits designed for remote-control cars!

In total, there will be nearly 20km of off-road tracks to explore and tackle including 18 obstacles. And there’s plenty for fitness fans too, including a dedicated obstacle running course, mountain bike trails and miles of hiking trails.

And they had a pretty special guest ahead of their opening this Saturday as H.H. Sheikh Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Qasimi put the park through its paces!