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No, it’s not a publicity stunt, Akon is seriously considering running for the presidency in the US in the near future.

Akon for the US presidency

The Senegalese-American singer was in the UAE and announced his big plans in an interview with Pulse 95 Radio in Sharjah. Talking about his roadmap ahead, Akon revealed he’s seriously considering going for the presidency and doesn’t see Kanye West’s campaign as a threat.

Akon Presidency President US USA Kanye West Campaign Dubai UAE

Photograph credit: Facebook/Akon

Kanye West’s campaign a ‘benefit’ to Akon

While Kanye is seriously eyeing up the presidency, Akon says his campaign is more of a ‘benefit’ than a ‘challenge.’ The 46-year-old feels their rivalry will get fans and citizens “tuning in automatically” to the elections.

“It would be great for the culture and for both of us because just the thought of us running in the election would have people tuning in automatically.”


Here’s what Akon has been up to of late

Anyone who follows mainstream music might have probably, at one time, wondered what happened to Akon. Despite consecutive chart-smashing hits like “Beautiful,” “Don’t Matter,” “Right Now Na Na,” “Smack That” and “Oh Africa”, Akon has spent his more recent years working on projects to empower communities and cities in less economically developed African nations, doing businesses around the continent, and of course, live concerts and gigs.

In 2014, he rolled out the ‘Akon Lighting Africa’ initiative with a vision to light up the continent through solar energy. Here’s his take on how the region is instrumental for the coming generations:

“People consider Africa as a risk and everyone who goes in is always thinking about profit. Africa’s profit is not today its tomorrow. If you want to invest, you have to invest in population. With population you can never go wrong, with more people there are more challenges, the more opportunities and you actually have a base to serve.”


It’s no secret that Akon has a huge fanbase in the UAE, performing regularly at nightclubs. He even hung out with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan last year.

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