E-learning Dubai until June
E-learning Dubai until June

All UAE schools and universities to extend e-learning until June

It’s just been announced that all schools and universities in the UAE are to continue e-learning until June to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Sorry parents, that means you’re now working from home and helping home-school your kids while in virtual quarantine. There are tougher jobs out there, but not many. Good luck!

The news was announced by The Ministry of Education, with the distance e-education system in place until the school year ends in June 2020.

Which effectively means that if you have children, you’re now a full-time worker, parent and teacher until the schools go back (hopefully!) at the end of the summer.

The bad news for school kids is that exams will still take place in ‘educational institutions.’ So you won’t be able to ask Siri for help during your English or Maths exams from home.

Reduced school fees?

While many schools have kept their school fees the same for their e-learning program, a few have reduced their fees including the Al Najah schools. Which makes sense when you consider they won’t have the costs of running a school to pay for as everyone is working remotely.

If you are helping with the e-learning until June in the UAE, check out the Kidzapp site, full of useful stuff to keep everyone sane and learning.

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