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It’s pretty hard to get bored of the views in Dubai, with amazing buildings stood next to endless beaches, but this amazing video shows a truly gorgeous side to Dubai.

Shot and put together by Ahmad Alnaji, he takes in some amazing views from the second-highest residential building in the world.

The time-lapse video takes in some amazing landmarks including the new Al Ain island, Palm Jumeirah and the Burj. And it brilliantly shows the wide range of weather that Dubai had in April, with thunderstorms, fog and rain all making for gorgeous backdrops.

This is what the photographer had to say about his stunning video.

“Dubai witnessed a couple of Days with harsh weather conditions. Located in the middle of the desert, rain, and storm is a rare guest for the modern city. But when they visit, they create the most surreal moments! I documented this wave of rain and low clouds from the second tallest residential tower in the world. The views from there are outstanding and with these conditions, they are just on another level. Dubai is simply like a dream you are living in, the best part is you just never wake up!”

Staying with the weather, we’re going to quickly flashback to this amazing bit of photography from earlier in the year. Just look at the Burj caught during a lightening storm!

Dubai Rain lightning Burj Khalifa
Dubai Rain lightning Burj Khalifa
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