Children of Zeus

An Interview with Children of Zeus After Their TGxHMC Debut

Manchester-based duo, Children of Zeus were in Dubai this month opening the first of a series of live shows for TGxHMC at Sky Lounge, Hilton Hotel, JBR Walk.

The musical duo originates from Manchester in the UK and are well respected for their urban R&B / soul fusion vibes.

We got the opportunity to interview the band members, Konny Kon & Tyler Daley. Check out what they had to say about music, Dubai, UK politics and upcoming gigs…

When we quizzed Children of Zeus about upcoming new music, they confirmed they’re working on material but remained tight lipped about exact release dates,

“We’re working man, that’s all we can say. We’ll try to knock it out as soon as possible but more to the point we try to make it good. It’s going to be not too long into next year, let’s see, we just want to make the best album we can make.”

Children of Zeus

The pair have headed back across to colder climes of the UK now after stopping off for a series of gigs in Europe on their return from the UAE. If you want to know what’s planned next for the two friends, they suggest you follow them on social media to keep up with their movements.

We hope to see these guys back in the UAE again sometime soon. Their fresh sound and urban vibes bring something different to the live music scene and we can’t wait to see what next year brings for the pair.