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Andy Ruiz Jr Claims Rematch In Saudi Arabia May Not Happen

Heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr claims his rematch versus Anthony Joshua will happen “on my terms” and opts for the rematch to take place in the US instead of Saudi Arabia.

Matchroom Boxing claim Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr rematch confirmed in Saudi Arabia

Last week, we reported that Saudi’s offered a huge sum of money to host the rematch between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr, set to take place in Diriyah on Saturday, 7th December. Which was again corroborated by Eddie Hearn in a recent press conference however the newly crowned champion seems to have other plans.

Andy Ruiz Jr breaks his silence on Saudi Arabia hosting the rematch

Recently, Ruiz went live on Instagram talking about the rematch. He says:

“You taking that rematch, champ? Of course, but it’s gonna be on my terms and our terms, we’re gonna bring it back here in the United States.”

Ruiz Jr Trash talk

We’ve seen a very different Ruiz from the lovable, polite character witnessed in the lead up to the first fight, the current champions newfound wealth and stardom seemed to have brought out an arrogant, brash side to him. Ruiz claims AJ is “scared” and that’s why they’re bringing the fight to Saudi Arabia. He says:

“He’s scared? Yeah, why do you think he’s over there trying to make the fight over there in Saudi Arabia?

Here’s why the rematch won’t move from Saudi Arabia

Anthony Joshua’s promoter, Eddie Hearn claims Ruiz taking up the rematch on his terms means it could lead to a “legal battle” that could suspend him from boxing “for years” and cost tons of money to defend his belts due to specific clauses relating to a guaranteed rematch set in the contract for Joshua in the case he lost the initial fight at Madison Square Garden. Hearn says:

“His choice is to have a legal battle that could put him out of boxing for years, or to defend his belts for a lot of money against a guy he has already beaten. There isn’t any doubt he will take the fight.”

“Any messing around and Ruiz Jr will lose belts, and he won’t want to do that,” Hearn adds.