Anthony Touma Bel Sodfa Red Bull
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Anthony Touma Chats About Performing In Dubai, Musical Success And ‘Bel Sodfa’

Lebanese-French artist, Anthony Touma, has been a driving force in the Arab world’s music scene. The pop singer shot to fame through songs like ‘Walk Away’, ‘Over You’ and ‘Break Your Heart’. 

He recently joined forces with P Storm, collaborating on the first episode of Red Bull’s album, ‘Bel Sodfa,’ and DubaiLAD had the chance to chat with the pop star. 

Hello Anthony! Talk us through your latest collaboration with P Storm in ‘Bel Sodfa’.

I honestly did not know what to expect when I was first contacted for this project, but I can honestly say that it really was an enriching and entertaining experience collaborating with P Storm/The Recipe.

Both Luke and Aaron are extremely talented and ‘always want more’. The song that came out of that studio session is a banger! Every time I listen to it, again I have that same, “How did we do this in such a short time” feeling.

What’s your take on ‘Bel Sodfa’? Is there a need for such collaborations to unite musicians from the Arab World? 

I love everything about the concept. The not knowing who you’re gonna end up with, the working under time pressure factor, the being in a studio that is so well equipped that everything can be done there, from songwriting to recording to producing and mixing.

Personally, I’m a big fan of collaborations and would love to see more artists from the region do it. We have so much talent and a mixture of many different musical identities; the result is bound to be interesting.

How has your music evolved after your success on The Voice France and Dancing With The Stars Middle East?

My music, my taste, my skills evolve all the time. I find myself going back and forth with musical ideas, sounds and identities on a daily basis.

The Voice taught me a lot, especially the touring with the finalists around France. I got to experience different genres and get more familiar with the French music market, as well which allowed me to write songs for that particular market.

Anthony Touma Bel Sodfa Red Bull

Photograph credit: TF1

Dancing With The Stars definitely gave me more exposure and visibility in the Arab world. People who hadn’t seen me on the French version of The Voice got to see me on DWTS.

It also expanded my fanbase in a way that made me want to find the right mix between typical mainstream pop and music with oriental influence. That’s my aim for most of my future projects.

How is 2019 treating you? Are you approaching this year any differently than you used to?

2019 has been great. I landed my first big placement as a songwriter in the U.S. and I can’t wait to share the news officially once I’m given the green light to do so. I was able to perform the songs from my album, ‘Ups and Downs’ live on many occasions and in front of different crowds.

I’ll also be part of a sitcom that I wrote with my friend Mohamad Attieh, in which I’ll be playing a main role as well.

On top of all that, I’ve got a lot of interesting musical releases coming up that I can’t wait to share and get feedback on.

 ‘Walk Away’ was by far the biggest hit from your discography, do you often get requested to perform the song at clubs and festivals?

Yes, ‘Walk Away’ is a definite favourite that gets requested a lot, along with ‘Over You’. I’m very proud of that track. It was the first single released from ‘Ups and Downs’ and the response was overwhelmingly positive, thankfully.

Lastly, you’re quite a regular in Dubai’s nightlife scene. Does the city have an impact on your style of music?

To be honest, I wouldn’t say Dubai itself has a direct impact on my music, but it does have a direct impact on Anthony the person, since I lived there for 2 years and went to school there.

I have many friends in Dubai and It’s a city I really enjoy visiting whenever I get the chance. Not to mention, it’s so full of amazing talents with a huge diversity in styles and genres.