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Arab Celebrity Blackmailed By Ex-Lover In UAE Over Indecent Video

Celebrities with a lot of money and reputation to maintain have been targets of blackmail. This time, an Arab celebrity got shaken down for money over an indecent video belonging to a UAE-based woman.

Indecent video sent to ex-lover

What started as a relationship turned into blackmail. It started when an Arab celebrity exchanged numbers with a woman and got into a relationship with her soon after. During the relationship, the star started sending her videos featuring “indecent acts” of himself via WhatsApp, according to Al Khaleej.

Celebrity blackmailed

The ex-lover tried to cash in on the celebrity’s wealth. The duo spoke on the phone and the woman threatened to post his inappropriate videos on YouTube unless she received a large sum of money. The video was eventually publically published, until the police stepped into the case.

Video blocked in UAE

Once published, the Arab celebrity got police involved in the case. The video in the UAE. The police tracked down the woman and arrested her. Plus, the case comes as an advisory to citizens and residents, warning not to entertain calls by strangers and not to reveal personal information or photographs.