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In a generation where divorce is becoming more common, this couple announced their separation due to a reason you wouldn’t have imagined!

Husband forgets wife’s dinner order

An Arab woman, 20 years old, was at home while her Arab husband was hanging out with his friends in Abu Dhabi. The wife asked her husband to bring her a burger combo from a fast food franchise. However, the husband forgot her order and returned home without bringing her food.

Argument broke out

Left hungry, the wife was furious to know her husband didn’t bring any food. An argument arose between the couple, and it reached the extent to which the wife left their house. Soon, she took her husband to the courts to file for a divorce, according to Al Bayan.

Not the first food-related divorce in 2019

Clearly, food is a big deal in relationships and this isn’t the first case of a food-related divorce filed this year. Earlier this month, a couple got divorced minutes after tying the knot, because the groom’s family were left disappointed over the food selection in the buffet by the bride’s family. An outrageous fight broke out involving punching and throwing dishes at each other in front of guests until the cops arrived.  

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