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Arab Couple Gets Engaged After Meeting Through PUBG

Just in time for Valentine’s Day last week, an Egyptian couple announced their engagement after meeting each other through PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

Couple got to know each other through PUBG

If you thought PUBG was just a game, think again. The battle royale game played matchmaker for Mohammed Riad Mohammed and Nourhan Al-Hashish, who discovered each other through the game. They got introduced when Mohammed was playing a match online with his friends and Al-Hashish, a mutual friend, joined the group.

First date at a pharmacy, say what?!

Both Mohammed and Al-Hashish work as pharmacists. So, when they planned to meet for the first time, Mohammed made his way to the pharmacy she works at. Speaking to Egyptian news outlet Cairo24, he said, “There’s no problem in meeting someone through social media or a video game. If she seems like a good match, take initiative and make your move.”

Photograph credit Twitter

Engagement announced

Last week, Al-Hashish took to Twitter to share photos of her engagement ceremony, boasting “Started from pubg. Now we’re here.” In fact, this isn’t the first time a couple found love through PUBG. Last year, a gaming couple had their wedding photoshoot including themes inspired by the game. Check it out here.