ajman reckless driving 35 black points
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Arab Lad Accumulates 67 Black Points After Reckless Driving In Ajman

Ajman Police arrested an Arab lad for reckless driving in the emirate, with three fines totalling a whopping 35 black points and a Dhs 5,500 fine.

67 black points in total and Dhs 5,500 fine after reckless driving in Ajman

Getting a fine isn’t a feel-good moment for anyone. If you’re upset over a Dhs 600 speeding ticket, be glad you aren’t in the shoes of this GCC local, slapped with three huge fines. His fines total up to Dhs 5,500 with 35 black points landing him a whopping 67 black points in total.

Dhs 5,500 is a big deal for a fine. You could buy your friends a round of drinks at an exclusive nightclub or buy a second hand Merc with that amount!

Driver’s license cancelled permanently

Ajman Police is cancelling his license permanently and impounding his car for four and a half months. A driver’s license is revoked after getting more than 24 black points.

Reckless driving in the UAE is no joke

Speeding and reckless driving is a serious issue in the country, and there are hefty fines. Reckless driving incurs a Dhs 2,000 fine, 23 black points and the car impounded for two months.

ajman reckless driving 35 black points

Photograph credit: FreeAussieStock