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Arab On Trial After Crashing Into A Police Car In Abu Dhabi

An intoxicated Arab lad is standing trial at the Public Prosecution in Abu Dhabi after crashing his car into a police patrol car.

Arab lad intoxicated while driving 

Under the influence of drugs, the Arab lad drove on the opposite lane of a road in Abu Dhabi. His car had no number plates. When a cop from Abu Dhabi police stopped him, he reversed his car, crashing into the police car.

Police officer assaulted

When the police officer confronted the young man, he assaulted the policeman, until a second officer arrived at the scene. His case was referred to the public prosecution.

Arab lad stands trial for traffic violation and assault

At the Public Prosecution, the young Arab claims the number plates fell off because of rains, and denies the assault charges. His lawyer claims there’s little proof that the Arab beat the police officer. He also says there are “contradictions in the statements” by the police force, according to Khaleej Times.

A final verdict will be made on 6th July.

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