Are you brave enough for the new Dubai Skywalk?
Are you brave enough for the new Dubai Skywalk?

Are you brave enough for the new Dubai Skywalk?

If you’re feeling brave and really want to see Dubai from a new angle, then you might be just the person to try the new Dubai Skywalk.

The Address Sky View in Downtown has created a glass skywalk a looooong way above the ground.

The glass floor and walls give you incredible views including out towards the Burj Khalifa.

You can check out the video below to see just how brave you’re feeling!

The Dubai Skywalk hasn’t officially launched yet, so there’s no need to start forming a queue.

But given Dubai’s love for the extreme, we can see this glass-walled challenge being very popular.

You can now take a guided tour around the Burj Al Arab

Ever wanted to take a sneak peek around the Burj Al Arab but were too poor to pay for a night?

Well now’s your chance to take it all in as the Jumeirah Group has announced the launch of ‘Inside Burj Al Arab’ tour.

The brand new hotel tour allows UAE residents and tourists to get up close and personal with the 7* hotel.

Your own personal butler will guide you through the 90-minute tour, taking in everything from the stunning architecture to the incredible detail in the rooms.

The Burj Al Arab tour includes a visit to the hotel’s famous Atrium, glamourous Royal Suite and curated Experience Suite, with digital interactives showcasing the original architectural designs of the iconic structure.