Hollywood Dubai
Hollywood Dubai

Are you the next Brad Pitt or Scar Jo? Hollywood casting call in Dubai now open

Live in Dubai and think you have the movie star looks and acting chops to be the next Hollywood star, then sign up for the up-coming casting sessions!

Miranda Davidson Studios is casting for the “next big Hollywood blockbuster to shoot in Dubai”. And bearing in mind they did the casting for big recent blockbusters including Star Trek and 6 Underground, they know what they’re doing.

They’re holding an open casting session for people of all ages and nationalities. Literally anyone. They haven’t specified what roles or film they’re looking to fill, but if you think you can make it in the bright lights of Hollywood, this could be your chance.

The casting call takes place at the StudioRepublik acting studios on Sheikh Zayed Road on February 21 and 22.

Each session runs from 1-8 pm and there will also be casting workshops with Davidson during the day.

And while you’re here, let’s take another look at Dubai in the movies! Although looking at this video, we’re not sure we’d be a method actor like Tom Cruise.