Dubai from space photos
Dubai from space photos

Astronaut captures amazing pictures of Dubai from space!

NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy captures amazing top-down pictures of Dubai from space during a flyby on the International Space Station.

The intergalactic pictures clearly show some of Dubai’s biggest and best highlights. And with no dust, clouds or interference in the atmosphere, the jaw-dropping photos are as clear as the Burj Khalifa.

And the first images also include a corner of the International Space, just to add to the out-of-this-world feel.

You can clearly see the World Islands and the two Palms in the first image which gives a wider view of the region.

And you can make out major roads, ports and waterways in the second of the pictures from space which zooms in more on the Dubai coastline.

NASA astronaut Cassidy certainly appreciated the view, saying on his post ‘Always an amazing view when you fly over #uae!!”

Cassidy also gave a shoutout to the UAE’s own space mission, saying “Wishing all the best to our colleagues @mbrspacecentre!⁣ It was inspiring to see the first flight of @astro_hazzaa and hope to soon see @astro_alneyadi on the @iss.⁣”

The UAE is launching their Hope probe to Mars this summer, hoping to find out more about the Mars weather system and its climate history.