Image credit: Banan Beach

Banan Beach Resort: The latest camping spot in Dubai

The new camping area in Jebel Ali is half an hour away from Jumeirah by car and is an ideal place for a weekend getaway to relax.

Image credit: Banan Beach

You can opt for a tent or a chalet.

By the looks of it, the old fashioned tents are usable for one person only. There are 47 such tents across the the beach resort. Whereas, visitors can upgrade for chalets next to the beach, where beds and a mini swimming pool is provided.

Image credit: Banan Beach

Enjoy water sports activities by the beach.

Visitors with an adrenaline rush can look out for water sports activities like kayaking, snorkeling or perhaps renting a boat. If water sports don’t interest you, you can relax on the hammocks next to the beach and enjoy the colors of the skies during sunset.

Barbecue stations and pizza cooked on wood will make up for a gastronomic delight.

Adding the old fashioned ambience around the resort, visitors will get to enjoy dining of how it was back in the day with barbecue stations available around and with a designated area for cooking pizza on wood surrounded by bean bags around.

Banan Beach is open to reservations. Tents cost dhs 350 per night and chalets cost dhs 1,000 per night. For more information, go to