Banksy reveals new Coronavirus-inspired artwork on the London Underground
Banksy reveals new Coronavirus-inspired artwork on the London Underground

Banksy dresses as cleaner to create new coronavirus-inspired artwork on London Underground

World-famous artist Banksy has been at it again as London woke up to another one of his works, this time on a London Underground train.

The piece was created to help encourage people to wear face masks after they were made mandatory in all shops in England in a week’s time.

Banksy revealed the London Underground piece via his Instagram page. And he went a step further for his art – and to protect his closely-guarded identity – by dressing as a professional cleaner to help disguise his appearance.

If You Don’t Mask, You Don’t Get

In the video, you can see him urging people to let him get to work as he starts his work called If You Don’t Mask, You Don’t Get. And, true to a lot of other work, it features a number of rats, this time in pandemic-inspired poses and wearing face masks.

One rat is sneezing while another is spraying anti-bacterial gel. And, just to make it clear this was a Banksy work, his name is sprayed across the driver’s door of the train.

Sadly for all Banksy fans, the art was removed several days ago in line with the London Underground’s “strict anti-graffiti policy”.

More Hushpuppi news

Staying in the Instagram world, there have been more allegations against Hushpuppi, the Dubai influencer recently arrested by American authorities.

He has been accused of money-laundering for a gang involved in hacking corporate emails as well as directing big payments to accounts they controlled.

The targets of this attempt included the unidentified football club, Malta’s oldest bank as well as a company based in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. They had attempted to defraud a total of £200 million ( roughly Dh927).