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Barbecues No Longer Allowed On Jebel Hafeet Mountain

Visitors at the popular road trip spot, Jebel Hafeet are no longer allowed to barbecue, after a ban imposed by Al Ain Municipality.

Barbecue ban on Jebel Hafeet

Al Ain Municipality’s new ban is a result of littering violations by people visiting the mountain. Chunks of coal and barbecue garbage were spotted on parking lots, as well as burned benches and seats due to grilling activities. Thus, the ban has been imposed. Violators caught breaking the laws will receive fines.

Select parks and open deserts allow barbecue

Meanwhile, BBQ aficionados can enjoy the sizzling activities at parks and open deserts. Al Ain Municipality clarified people in Al Ain can set up barbecues at Al Sulaimi and Al Mebrazah parks, located below the mountain. Otherwise, the deserts are always an option. The nearest deserts from Jebel Hafet are Al Khatim and Sweihan.

Strict rules on barbecues in Jebel Jais and Al Qudra lake

Some of the UAE’s popular road trip spots, Jebel Jais and Al Qudra lake have imposed tighter rules on setting up barbecues. Barbecues and bonfires are allowed in Al Qudra, as long as it’s placed on top of barbecue stove and all the garbage is picked up. Whereas, Jebel Jais is equipped with dedicated pits and people caught setting up barbecues elsewhere fall in risk of receiving a fine.