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Basil Al Hadi From Karrouhat Chats About Hanging Out With French Montana, Reggae In The Arab World & ‘Bel Sodfa’

Arabic reggae stalwart Basil Al Hadi is a force to reckon with in the Arabic music scene. The mutli-talented Kuwaiti DJ and lead singer of Karrouhat is bringing a revolution to the region, with his flair for reggae tunes and innovative DJ’ing style.

He’s also part of Red Bull’s latest album, ‘Bel Sodfa,’ joining forces with homegrown artist Esther Eden for a music blind date.

We had the chance to interview Basil Al Hadi about bringing reggae to the Arab world, hanging out with French Montana and the roadmap ahead for his DJ’ing career.

Hello Basil! How excited are you about your collaboration with Esther Eden in ‘Bel Sodfa’?

I like the idea of music blind date, and in general, I’m a very curious person in everything. I always try new things and do different things.

You’re a man of many talents, from singing to production and Dj’ing; has music always been your focus since you were young?

Since I was a kid, I knew I’m gonna’ do something for the public. I wanted this energy, you know what I mean.

I picked up the guitar in 2003 and started writing my first song. In 2008, I officially started the Karrouhat project.

Where do you see the future of Reggae in the Arabic music scene?

It’s really a hard question to answer, but in general, the Arabic music scene is moving very fast, and everyone now wants to do something with Arabic music.

For me, I play other genres. I don’t limit myself with just reggae music. I like trap, dream pop, electronic, etc.

We often see you hanging out with mainstream rappers like ASAP Rocky and French Montana. Can we expect a collab with any rappers in the future?

I believe yes. It’s a matter of time. Maybe different names. But I like working low key cause I like showing results of my work.

Lastly, what’s the roadmap ahead for Karrouhat?

I’m going internationally now with my DJ career and also in Fashion.

In the music side, I’m really hoping to find a sponsor to produce my music and release an EP with music videos. I finished one song mixed and mastered and it’s really different than what I’ve ever done in my career.