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Viral Video Of Burning Man In Dubai Mall Has Been Exposed Of Being Fake News

Residents and citizens in UAE were taken by surprise when a minute-long video circulated around showing a man on fire at Dubai Mall.

Dubai Civil Defense has confirmed it’s a fake video

Both Dubai Police and Dubai Civil Defence have denied the fire happening at The Dubai Mall. According to an Instagram post by Dubai Civil Defense, its Director General, Major General Rashid Thani Al Matroushi point that shopping malls and commercial complexes did not record any incidents during the holy month of Ramadan, calling for accurate checking of news before publishing and circulating.” In fact, according to Bahraini news outlet GDN Online, this fire incident happened in Agadir in Morrocco on June 3rd.

Spreading fake news can lead to hefty fines

Be careful about what you post or share on social media because without cross-checking and sharing of unverified content can lead to fine worth Dhs 250,00 and three years of imprisonment. The Dubai Police team can monitor a social media user’s online activity and track where the fake news started from. Three years ago, fake news messages were spread across social media, saying there are gangs in areas like Al Warqa’a, Al Aweer, Mirdiff and Al Khawaneej where gangs are stealing cars. However, Dubai Police announced the message was fake.

Recently a news about an intentional limo accident was discovered fake

News broke out that a limousine driver taking high school seniors to prom intentionally crashed the limousine because one of the vehicle’s passengers played Lil Pump’s hip-hop track ‘Gucci Gang’. However, it was discovered the news was fake as the photograph showing the crashed limo was in fact taken two years ago.

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