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Looks like there’s going to be a lot to binge-watching on Netflix as this month is going to be their biggest releases of original shows. Check out our five best shows coming out this month.

Marvel’s Iron Fist

Season: Two

Releasing on: 7th September

Danny Rand returns in a much-awaited outing for the second season, taking on turf wars between gangs in New York City. The protectors of Chinatown, NYC are faced with death, action and uncertainty everywhere. In fact, Typhoid Mary is shown with different sides to her antagonist role in a promotional image released by the streaming giant, suggesting she might have a mysterious character in the upcoming season.

Bojack Horseman

Season: Five

Releasing on: 14th September

Phew! The fifth season will be released as per the scheduled date, unlike last season which had a three-month delay. It’s going to be another hilarious season of animal-related puns and adult comedy as season four showed Bojack discovering Hollyhock was his sister and although we’ll have to wait and see what goes on in their relationship, the only hint we got was Bojack shown wounded at a party, from a first look image released last June.


Season: One

Releasing on: 21st September

Seems like this show is a promising addition to our binge-watching calendar as Netflix has been extremely close-mouthed about revealing details regarding its storyline. They describe the show as a “psychological black comedy” and in fact, it’s adapted from a 2014 Norwegian series of the same name. What’s more, the show has a star-studded cast, with lead characters Emma Stone and Jonah Hill and supporting roles from by Justin Theroux, Sally Field and Sonoya Mizuno.

The Good Cop

Season: One

Releasing on: 21st September

Brace yourselves as there’s going to a big deal of banter between a father and son as they both work as police officers at the NYPD and have opposing ways of solving crimes. The father, Tony ‘Big Tony’ Caruso Sr solves crimes the street-smart way, whilst his son, Tony Caruso Jr is a stickler for following the rules. What could go wrong?


Season: Two

Released: August 31st

We’re a tad late on this one but its storyline is so enthralling that we had to mention it! Once they build the casino as promised to their criminal partners, the Byrdes hope to carry out business with a local crime family, the Snells. Not so easy as it sounds, the Byrdes are faced with the burden of getting away from the crime empire and plan on splitting with their kids to the Gold Coast of Australia.

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