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Beware Smokers, The Latest Sheesha Rumours Are False

Rumours have been spreading around the country about a disease that comes from smoking sheesha in cafes and restaurants beware, the rumours are false.

Fake news about the SOL disease was circulating

Rumour had it that smoking sheesha in cafes and restaurants could affect smokers with the space occupying lesions(SOL) disease, which takes place in the brain. The disease can cause focal brain damage and break the blood-brain barrier. Its most common causes are brain tumours and abscesses.(collection of pus), sheesha has nothing to do with the cause.

Dubai Municipality clarified the rumour

Yes, smoking is harmful but it isn’t a symptom of the SOL disease. According to Gulf News, a source from Dubai Municipality said the rumours are “completely false and baseless.” Also, to ensure health and safety among sheesha smokers, three years ago, Dubai Municipality made it mandatory for cafes and restaurants to use disposable pipes.

Spreading fake news can lead to a Dhs 1 million fine

Next time when you come across news with unverified facts or unaccredited sources, just don’t share it. Sharing fake news can land you with imprisonment and a fine of up to Dhs 1 million by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority(TRA), as part of their anti-cybercrime law. Not only that, sharing an image or a video of a person without their consent can land you with a fine and jail term for violating their privacy.

Recently a Dubai Mall fire was exposed as fake news

Last month, there was viral video circulated across social media showing a person caught on fire at Dubai Mall. The Dubai Police and Dubai Civil Defence team instantly shut down rumours and clarified it as fake news, warning UAE residents about the jail term and hefty fine. In fact, the video was shot in Agadir in Morocco when a defect mobile exploded in a person’s pocket.

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