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Beware: 25 Years Jail Term For Breaking Cyberlaw In UAE

Revised laws dealing with UAE Cybercrime can get violators in deep trouble as there’s a 25 years jail term with a hefty fine, as reported by UAE’s official news agency, WAM.

Dhs4 million fine with jail term

Violators involved in publishing information for the interest of a terrorist group or any unauthorized group, association or body and intending to help the communication process between its leaders and members will be subject to a minimum Dhs2 million to maximum Dhs4 million fine as well as imprisonment between 10 to 25 years, part of Article no. 26. The fine is also punishable if one praises the unauthorized group’s ideas and helps finance the group. Also, violators who run and manage websites that incite hate will be punished with a maximum five years jail term and a fine of maximum Dhs1 million.

First-time offenders will be monitored

Wrongdoers accused of cybercrime for the first time will be prevented from using information technology for a prescribed time period, it will be followed with an electronic probation, which means the violator’s use of information technology will be monitored.

Dhs1 million fine for information that endangers national security

Part of Article no. 28, offenders who run a website on which they publish news, information, cartoons or photographs which may endanger national security and higher interests of the State, or afflict public order or attack any member of the judicial court system will be punished with a fine of maximum Dhs1 million and temporary imprisonment.

Deportation for foreigners convicted of crimes specified in Federal Decree-Law

Moreover, Article no. 42 entails that subject to the second paragraph of Article no. 121 of the UAE Penal Code, a foreigner convicted of crimes may face deportation based on the decision of the court, depending on the crimes specified in Federal Decree-Law no. 5 upon execution of the sentence adjudged.