Dubai Rain lightning Burj Khalifa
Dubai Rain lightning Burj Khalifa

Big storm heading to Dubai this weekend!

We wish that headline wasn’t true, we really do – but there is indeed a big storm heading towards Dubai this weekend.

While some parts of the UAE woke up to light rain this morning, there’s a front sweeping in and due to hit on Saturday afternoon.

And that weather is likely to include lightening, thunder, rain and dust storms. Temperatures are set to remain stable through the weekend despite the storm but expect a sharp temperature drop on Monday.

And the reason for this? A surface-air depression from the Red Sea.

Brill. Just what we needed and wanted right now. Thanks world!

At least we can hopefully enjoy the Dubai storm and lightening display from our windows as we’re all safely locked down from the Coronavirus. And maybe those downtown might even catch something like this again?

Aaaah, remember those beautiful days where all – all! – we had to worry about was the weather.

Dubai Rain lightning Burj Khalifa