Facial recognition

Biometrics To Replace Your Passport At DXB

At this year’s GITEX tech conference which took place in Dubai this month, it was revealed that Dubai Airport is working on introducing biometric screening to replace the need for a passport and boarding pass. The technology has been trialed already with Emirates.

The “Biometric Passenger Journey”

Branded “The Biometric Passenger Journey”, the new initiative will see travellers being identified by the use of facial recognition and artificial intelligence. Passengers who have been screened in advance will simply be able to arrive at the airport and make their way to their flight without the need to pull out their passport or boarding pass.

Visitors to GITEX were able to see the technology for themselves, when it was announced by the GDRFA. Major General Mohammad Al Merri of the department said that,

“Our participation this year in Gitex is very special for visitors as they can experience the most exciting and virtual Biometric Passenger Journey in the world by using artificial intelligence.”

Major General Mohammad Al Merri, General Director of GDRFA, Dubai

Emirates Business Class travelers pilot the scheme

Business class Emirates travelers have already been exposed to Dubai Airport’s new technology as part of a pilot programme taking place before the official roll out (date yet to be confirmed). The biometric data captured will be retained securely by the GDRFA for use when the system is put into play.

In the meantime, residents making their way out the UAE via Dubai International Airport (DXB) Terminal 3 can use smart gates to speed up their journey through passport control. All you need is your valid Emirates ID. No advance registration is required, just turn up at one of the smart gates located in arrivals or departures, scan your Emirates ID and pass through. If you’re traveling with children under 18, you’ll need to visit the counter next to the gates.

This guy who tried to get away with impersonation in India by disguising himself as an 81 year old man would have gotten nowhere with biometric screening at play.