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Blackberry has SUED Facebook for copying their technology

Software and a once-smartphone company Blackberry sued social media giant on Tuesday for copying their technology and messaging features.

Blackberry sued Facebook over multiple patents it owns.

In the 117 page lawsuit, Blackberry has listed out key features of what runs smartphone messaging as been copied by Facebook for WhatsApp and Instagram. Some of the features copied by Facebook included ‘tagging people in photos using an auto-completing search box’, ‘using icons with numeric badges to signal the arrival of new messages’, ‘tying a messaging service and a game application’, ‘muting a message thread’ and the list goes on.

Last year, Blackberry sued Nokia.

Caliming that Nokia used 11 of BlackBerry’s innovations, Nokia had to pay $137 million to BlackBerry. Both the brands battled out in 2012 too, wherein Nokia demanded the ban of Blackberry phones in the US because of Blackberry phones using the RIM (research in motion) technology, which was only available to Nokia. However, the ban didn’t happen.

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BlackBerry wants to rather partner with Facebook.

Surprisingly, Blackberry spokeswoman Sarah McKinney said Blackberry is interested to work with Facebook “toward a securely connected future”. To which, Facebook’s Deputy General Counsel Paul Grewal described Blackberry’s lawsuit as they’ve “abandoned its efforts to innovate.” He added, “Blackberry is now looking to tax the innovation of others.”