A US firm is turning Arabian desert air into bottled water
A US firm is turning Arabian desert air into bottled water

Bottled water made straight out of Dubai desert air, anyone?

A pioneering American company has found a way to make bottled drinking water right out of the hot and humid Dubai desert air.

We know that sentence sounds like something from a Sci-Fi film, but bear with us…!

Using renewable energy, the water is literally sucked out of the moisture in the air and turned into bottled water.

As incredible as it sounds, it’s being built right here in Dubai thanks to the Zero Mass Water company. The American company have set up a water bottling plant 20km from Dubai. And using solar power, recyclable bottles and sustainable caps, they’re creating a viable alternative to desalination.

Start small, think big

Once finished, the first Zero Mass plant will have a capacity of 2.3 million litres per year, so it won’t be a main player for a long time. But as they scale up, they’ll get their prices down and will soon be able to compete with big brands.

The water is created using hydro panels. The large boxes absorb water vapour and use sunshine to extract it. And Dubai’s hot and humid climate is the perfect location with plenty of regular sunshine.

The bottled water market worth billions of dollars, meaning there’s huge scope to expand. Plus, their green credentials mark them out from competitors. They use green solar power, recyclable bottles and sustainable bamboo caps, creating a truly green bottle of water.

And let’s be honest: having an extra sustainable water supply in the UAE can only be a good thing. With events like the Coronavirus pandemic affecting food and supply chains, having local alternatives is a huge boost.

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