Sandstorms could be heading towards Dubai this weekend
Sandstorms could be heading towards Dubai this weekend

Brace yourself, sandstorms heading towards Dubai this weekend

With the heat rising across the UAE, Dubai could also be set for a sandstorm or two in the coming days.

The weather forecast is pointing towards hot, dusty and humid weather over the next few days. And – turn away if you’re feeling sensitive – temperatures could reach 45°C inland.

And with high humidity up to 85%, the temperatures could feel even higher according to the National Centre of Meteorology.

The winds are expected to pick up on Thursday and gust throughout the weekend, which could lead to sandstorm or two across Dubai. So keep those windows closed unless you want an indoor sandpit as it’s definitely shamal season.

A wild week for weather

It’s already been a wild week for the weather in Dubai. Cloud-seeding led to storm damage across Dubai. And it even caused shock floods like these across the emirate.

The hot, windy and humid weather is expected to last through the weekend, with cooler temperatures for the start of next week.

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